Finally, We’ve Made It

1 trailer accident, 6 weeks of hard training, 4 hours of driving and 3 big pans of rigatoni later, the team is finally fast asleep (with the exception of me) and ready to row in the first Regatta of the year tomorrow!  As we dropped the boats off at the race course tonight, we could already feel our adrenaline pumping.

There truly is nothing like the sport of rowing, let alone the atmosphere of a Regatta.

On top of this phenomenal atmosphere, comes the anticipation and excitement that I see in the face of every rower on our team and the Men’s team.  We deserve the moments we will earn tomorrow.  We understand that we are a club sport and therefore may not have the luxurious amenities offered to other teams we will row against, but that’s what makes our program so special.  That’s what give us that particular heart and drive to succeed.

I can call my teammates some of the best friends I have on campus.  Tomorrow I will cheer for everyone racing with OHIO CREW on their uni’s, knowing full well that they will do the same for me.  Win or lose, tomorrow is going to be a great day out on the water.  I may be biased since I’m from Pittsburgh, but I couldn’t be happier that we are here and finally… 

we are rowing.


Goodnight, and see you all in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “Finally, We’ve Made It

  1. For those interested…
    We will be racing one Varsity 8 and one Varsity 4. The race times are as follows:

    – 9:55am- WOMEN’S VARSITY 8 RACE
    – 1:30pm- WOMEN’S VARSITY 4 RACE

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